Blog Post December 2016

How to Communicate During a Job Search

I am a student of English, and I love it in all its forms. Language is powerful, adaptable, and one of the few things that separates us from our hairier cousins. The ability to communicate complex ideas and to transmit knowledge and experience is incredibly useful and really quite amazing. And when you add the complexity that arises within a language: like regional dialects (regiolects), or ethnic or societal dialects (ethnolects and sociolects, respectively), things get really amazing. Language adapts and evolves to suit the needs of its speakers, and it's a really incredible thing.

The Power of Thank You

You are working hard on your job search; many of us treat it like a job. It takes time, and effort, and a little luck, and some skill. It also takes help. It's your career, your job, but you're not doing this on your own.

Six Tips for Networking Events

December means so many things: winter festivals and holidays, shopping, parties, Christmas music on the radio, mall Santas, fattening and sugary food, and networking events. So many networking events. In fact, I know of four tonight (though I'm probably missing several).

So, to help you get through these events, and to help you use them for your business or job hunting needs, here are six of the tips that WIL offers its clients for networking events.

Five Ways to Pump Up Your Resume

You’ve been following our job search tips: you’re focusing you search and thinking hard about what you want to do. For most positions, you’re going to need to write a resume. Here are some ways to make your resume stand out.