Blog Post July 2017

A Quick Look at SWO's Leading Industries

If you’re looking for work in southwestern Ontario, it can be helpful if you know what the local market looks like. To use a weird analogy that I just coined, if you play baseball on a soccer pitch, you likely won’t do well. Knowing the terrain just makes good sense, so you can make sure that you’re prepared.

Having said that, don’t get too discouraged by what you learn. It may seem at first glance that you’ll have trouble finding your place. However, transferable skills are transferable, after all, and you can always learn something new.

Six Ways the Library Can Help Your Job Search

If you’re looking for employment, there are a lot of services available to you in London that can help you out. WIL is only one example. Other organizations like No Kee Kwe and the London Employment help centre are available to give you an assist with your resume, your interview skills, or even to help you find volunteer opportunities.

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