All Job Seekers

The Community Access Program (CAP) is a Government of Canada initiative (funded by Industry Canada), which aims to provide Canadians with affordable public access to the Internet and the skills they need to use it effectively. WIL is the network coordinator for theLondon CAP Network.

WIL has been providing quality employment services to the London community since 1984. WIL offers career development and employment counselling for all unemployed adults and those seeking a new career direction.

Our team assists clients in identifying and developing career goals, provides programs designed to achieve employment, and offers educational upgrading tools and facilities to further develop employment options and opportunities.

Some additional employment resources for all job seekers:

Almost all jobs require a minimum education of Grade 12 or an equivalent.

WIL's General Educational Development (GED) program allows adults who have not finished high school to show that they have acquired the knowledge and skills associated with (and comparable to) high school completion.  To earn the Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate candidates must write and pass an Ontario Ministry exam.

WIL's Essential Job Search Skills Program consists of a series of workshops specifically designed to help job seekers find and keep employment.  Offered as a one week program (5 days full-time), Monday to Friday.

Workshops include:

  • Do you want a career change but don’t know which potential career you should choose?

  • Do you want to upgrade your skills but don’t know what training you need to take?

  • Do you wonder if your current career path is a good match for your skills, interests and talents?

  • Have you ever wondered what a good career fit is for you?

WIL can help you answer these questions and provide valuable information to help confirm a chosen career path or open doors to exciting new possibilities. 

Alone or combined with any of our programs, employment counselling provides individuals with valuable support in the employment planning and development process.

WIL Employment Counsellors can help you: