Immploy brings together internationally trained individuals with local volunteer mentors at London area companies. The program strengthens leadership, coaching and cross-cultural leadership skills of company employees who volunteer their time and knowledge as a mentor to a skilled Canadian newcomer.

Our program staff work with volunteers and match them with an immigrant in their field. We also provide ongoing support to both the mentee and mentor throughout the partnership.

With an aging workforce and declining birthrate, Canada's entire net labour growth will come from immigration in less than three years. London-Middlesex employers are facing increased competition with other businesses throughout the province, across the nation and around the globe for this pool of international talent. At the same time, the skill sets of internationally trained individuals or skilled trades persons are often not recognized or de-valued by regional employers.

The Access Centre for Regulated Employment offers a range of services for employers interested in hiring or recruiting internationally trained individuals.

From helping employers source potential candidates to evaluating international credentials and educational equivalencies, the Access Centre helps many local employers achieve their human resource needs.

Please visit the Access Centre for Regulated Employment website for more information.

The Access Centre is funded by the Government of Ontario.


Graduates of WIL's Employment Preparation program are eligible to participate in our 8-week Volunteer Work Experience Program with local employers.  This highly successful program provides immigrants and newcomers with valuable Canadian work experience, further knowledge of Canadian business culture, and greater ability to form networks in their profession.

The London region labour market and workforce has undergone significant changes in recent years, and demographic projections show us it is only the beginning. In the coming ten to fifteen years, a shortage of workers is expected to grow significantly.

WIL's internationally trained clientele have backgrounds in many diverse fields.  Individuals are available for immediate hire or volunteer work placement in your organization.

WIL's staffing specialists take the time to understand the bigger picture so we can help you find a person who is not only qualified, but also the right fit for your workplace.  Many of our clients have years of training and experience in their respective industries, and all must meet minimum English language benchmarks to ensure they are job-ready and proficient in the workplace.