The Power of Thank You

You are working hard on your job search; many of us treat it like a job. It takes time, and effort, and a little luck, and some skill. It also takes help. It's your career, your job, but you're not doing this on your own.

Six Tips for Networking Events

December means so many things: winter festivals and holidays, shopping, parties, Christmas music on the radio, mall Santas, fattening and sugary food, and networking events. So many networking events. In fact, I know of four tonight (though I'm probably missing several).

So, to help you get through these events, and to help you use them for your business or job hunting needs, here are six of the tips that WIL offers its clients for networking events.

Five Ways to Pump Up Your Resume

You’ve been following our job search tips: you’re focusing you search and thinking hard about what you want to do. For most positions, you’re going to need to write a resume. Here are some ways to make your resume stand out.

5 More Tips for Job Seekers

As promised, here are some more tips for job seekers. If you want to check out part one of our list of tips, you can find it here.

6 Tips for Job Seekers

The internet is full of advice for job seekers. If you do a Google search, you’re going to find more hints, tips, tricks, and hacks than you can use. I just did the search myself, and I’ve got top ten and top seven lists, downloadable PDFs, and three other articles, just on the first page of search results.

What else can WIL do for me?

Last week I ran through some of the services that WIL provides. I talked about the Employment Resource Centre, Employment Counselling, Employment Exploration Services, and more.

What can WIL do for me?

If you know about WIL (and if you’re on this blog, then you obviously do), then you know that we offer all kinds of support and programs for job seekers. If you’re looking for employment help, then WIL is a great resource for you.

But what do we offer exactly?

I’m glad you asked! Here are just some of the services and programmes that WIL provides.

Top Five Debriefing Notes Following an Interview

After years of experience, interviewing potential employees for all levels of employment, I have noticed a few things that if I had the opportunity to debrief each candidate I would draw to his or her attention.

Steps for Success: Information to Help You Find Work

WIL’s Steps for Success Program helps jobseekers develop skills that can really help with their job search. If you’re looking for work, looking for work is at least your part-time job, because there are so many things you can be doing. First, and most obvious, is looking for and applying for current openings: checking job boards, subscribing to job alerts, and looking in all the obvious places, like, and

WIL is Looking for Mock Interviewers

There are so many things to consider when you are actively looking for work: your social media presence, your networking skills, your resume, job alerts, getting additional training or education...

So you've leveraged your network, checked the job postings, found the hidden job market, crafted your cover letters, sent out your customized resumes, and--success!--you have an interview!

Unfortunately, a bad interview can undo much of the work you've already done. There are lots of strategies for preparing for an interview. What's the most effective?