Tech Connect

On Wednesday March 4th, 2015, in partnership with WIL Employment Connections and the LMIEC Mentorship for Immigrant Employment program, TechAlliance will be providing the opportunity for internationally trained professionals in the tech sector to connect with some of London's thriving companies within the industry.

2013-14 WIL Award: Sarah Tattersall

Each year, WIL is very pleased to recognize an individual, group or company that has demonstrated Winning, Innovation and Leadership as related to the clients served by our organization. This year, our selection committee unanimously and enthusiastically selected Sarah Tattersall as the receipient of the 2014 WIL Award.

Support through Family Job Loss

Job loss causes life changes and transitions, which can mean many new challenges, but you and your family don't have to face it all alone.  Loss of income is only one of the many issues that job loss creates for all family members.

Connecting Immigrant Professionals to Jobs in Life Sciences

LifeSci Connect, a networking event hosted by the London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council (LMIEC), TechAlliance and WIL Employment Connections, took place on September 25th as part of National Biotechnology Week (September 20th – 27th). The event brought together industry-specific companies and new immigrant professionals for an evening of networking. Local employers are struggling to hire and retain highly-skilled workers and the purpose of the event was to connect newcomers to individuals and companies in their field.

How to Become a Mentor

The LMIEC Mentorship for Immigrant Employment program brings together internationally trained individuals with local volunteer mentors at London area companies. The program strengthens leadership, coaching and cross-cultural leadership skills of company employees who volunteer their time and knowledge as a mentor to a skilled Canadian newcomer.

Impact of Job Loss on Families

Over the past several years, our community has been significantly impacted by the results of job losses due to changing economic factors.  As we know, the job loss impacts not just on the displaced worker, but the entire family. The need for assistance and services for families coping with life transitions due to job loss is well known in our community.

Vocational Assessments

Often the most overwhelming aspect of job search is deciding where to focus.  WIL continues to offer a range of career assessment tools to help clients clarify their interests, aptitudes, values, skills and personal qualities to identify potentially fulfilling career paths.  Through the vocational assessment process, clients can increase their self-awareness and become better equipped to manage important career decisions. 

Connecting with Employers

WIL's Sales & Marketing Team has built a solid reputation among local employers as a professional non-profit organization that brings employers and skilled talent together.  WIL connected 501 clients to employment last year and 72 clients gained Canadian work experience by completing a volunteer placement related to their job goal.  Our placements have strengthened hundreds of local companies across all sectors - from accounting to engineering and from the service industry to manufacturing.

The value of Employment Counselling

The Employment Counselling team at WIL is one of the first points of contact for clients connecting with our organization.  An appointment is scheduled with an Intake Counsellor who provides initial information about our services to ensure the individual has come to the most appropriate agency based on their own unique employment needs.  From there, an Employment Counsellor works with the individual to provide a full confidential assessment of the individual’s background and discusses appropriate steps towards employment.  This often includes participation in programs and ser

Changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The federal government has announced several changes to Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program in response to recent criticism that the program helps suppress wages and allows employers to skip over Canadians in favour of hiring foreign workers.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program changes: